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I’m what I eat.

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Rib Eye Steak w/ fried baby mushroom

Spicy Snails in Rose Wine Sauce

Teatree mushroom w/ duck soup


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What I learnt from Wenzhou train wreckage

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The past week was pretty much a mess-up.

Wenzhou high-speed train wreckage was definitely at the center of the storm. The accident killed 40 and injured nearly 200, while people are missing. Sina Weibo, the chinese equivalent to twitter, contributed the most in public criticism – with less censorship & looser control than traditional media, Chinese netizens condemn the low efficiency & nonchalance of Ministry of Railway. Though rumors have been spread alongside the uncovered truth, Weibo still served as an effective platform of public criticism that has never seen in China. The dissatisfaction amounted by Chinese netizens finally results in the apparence of Prime minister Wen Jiabao and formal apology from the Railway Ministry. However, censorships & bans from the State department of publicity eventually reached mass media late night last Friday, leaving hundreds of newspapers changing their Saturday editions, thousands of reporters got their work retracted.

Nevertheless, as part of the online “movement”, there have been four things that makes me wonder how powerful we are in this digital era.

First, tbh, discussions on Wenzhou train wreckage is the most widely spreaded one ever in the history of Chinese internet, even with a moderate censorship. Numerous celebrities, those who has been tweeting about their personal lives & specialized areas, now have turned to this public issue. Unlike some previous ones such as death in Mine Accidents, high-speed train is highly related to everyone in the country. I have always argued that in China, the conflicts were so diversed that we lack a common land/interest for different social classes to fight against all together. But high-speed train will get people nervous ‘cuz you will risk your life riding on any of the trains. Besides, Weibo does change the way people consume media and information. We were able to spread the information & participate in discussions much more effectively than ever.

Second, our attention span has considerably shrunk as information consumption grows. People are so used to “being tired” of something. Last week we focused on China’s red-cross corruption, today we mourn for Wenzhou Highspeed train wreckage, tomorrow it’d be something else. The turmoil on Sina Weibo will get appeased, as it usually was. How many people on earth still remember what happened last November in Shanghai, the high-rise fire? Survivors are still fighting for the truth, as most of us have already forgotten the whole thing.

Thirdly, censorship comes what may, and chains of interests is so intertwined within and outside the communist party that no one dares to point out the truth directly, even if the truth is self-explanatory. This negative point of view has long been existed. Most of us are held responsible for the current situation. Some of the social norms are two-edged razor blades. E.g. We always boast about how “money-saving” Chinese people are, but on the other side, it could also accounted for small-scale misappropriation of public property, this happens very often to almost everyone, but at large, it would become the root for economic crimes of some government officials. As we don’t treat it seriously as something immoral.

Lastly, there has been this funny phenomenon that some people would behave in this calculated “god-complex”, to show that doubting too much/spreading the rumors on Weibo is some kind of “media illiteracy”. They call netizens “The stupid gangs”, journalists & celebrities “stupid jerks”. I have to admit some of them were my college friends [noting that I graduated with a Journalism undergrad degree]. I have to repress my shouts, “how could you become this cold-blooded bastards?” When everyone’s deeply caring about this situation and trying hard to make it better, pushing the government to be more transparent and fighting for our own rights, how could you bystand and play God-complex? Oh my fucking god, none of you are even close to that level, just fucking drop and stop it. You disgust me dearly.

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08/01/2011 at 3:52 pm

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What’s wrong with this picture?

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Yo La Tengo – Our Way to Fall

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I remember a summer's day 我记得某一个夏日
I remember walking up to you 我记得我走向你
I remember my face turned red 我记得我发烫的双颊
And I remember staring at my feet 我还记得我低着头,躲闪你的目光
I remember before we met 我记得遇到你之前
I remember sitting next to you 我记得坐在你身旁
And I remember pretending I wasn't looking 我还记得,佯装东张西望,欲盖弥彰

So we'll try and try 所以,一再尝试
Even if it lasts an hour 即使只有短短一小时
With all our might 也定要竭尽心力
We'll try and make it ours 也还要继续努力,将一切写入彼此的回忆
Cause we're on our way 因为我们无法停止
We're on our way to fall in love 我们无法停止,沉入爱里

I remember your old guitar 我记得你破旧的吉他
I remember I Can't Explain 我记得那首“I Can't Explain”
I remember the way it looked around your neck 我记得它挂在你身上的样子
And I remember the day it broke 我还记得它坏掉的那一天
I remember song you sang 我记得你唱过的每一首歌
I remember the way you looked tonight 我记得你今晚的模样
And I remember the way it made me feel 我还记得,我当时的感受

So we try and try 所以,一再尝试
Even if it lasts an hour 即使只有短短一小时
With all our might 也定要竭尽心力
We'll try and make it ours 也还要继续努力,将一切写入彼此的回忆
Because we're on our way 因为我们无法停止
We're on our way to fall in love 我们无法停止,沉入爱里

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Right Now, Rights for Gay Oh Yah.

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Last night I was hanging out with a friend to see John Maus’s live @Mercury Longue. I have never heard of this guy until I googled him and saw this youtube video for his 2008 song “Rights for Gay”. Mr Maus makes his living mainly by teaching philosophy. Btw, he was featured in Ariel Pink’s two albums back in 1999 and 2000. Fun enough.

There’s not much to see at the live performance but himself being on stage, wearing a loose white shirt and an old baggy jeans, yelling like a beast, raising his clenched fists, hitting either his head or chest violently, or jumping like an angry gorilla…all the above might not sound pleasant, however there was something strangely charming about him, that makes me swinging along the music, beaming back to his weird shaped eye-teeth. I just can’t stop smiling at the whole scene, the live of a happiest Karaoke performer, bouncing all over the place.

Back to Gay Rights, I was at the NYC Annual Gay Pride last Sunday. Me and Jia’die, an old college friend of mine, were initially standing at the crossroad of Stone Wall and Christopher and finally made to her partner’s place on Christopher. Thanks to the excellent location of the apartment, we were able to watch the parade from above sitting on the fire escape (and that’s partly why I love New York). The New York State just passed Gay Marriage on Friday night and it inspired many participants. Wedding Dress was the biggest theme of the day.

And there were a couple of times that my eyes were brimming with tears. The 6 hour long parade was one of a kind, there was something irresistibly touching about the whole scene, that I could not help being overwhelmed. How I wish we could have the same event displaying Gay Pride and/or existence of societal minorities in China. The current biggest problem with China is the government trying to create a homogenized society under the big name of “Harmony”, while more and more people wouldn’t listen any longer. We have been exploring our own identities and we embrace diversification.

Recently a celebrity couple, actor Sun Hai’ying and actress Lv Li’ping, have been tweeting how homosexuality were sinister, quoting the Bible and promoting homophobia via China’s major microblog service, Sina Weibo. It would be totally acceptable if this happened in the States, or other places where the conversations were fully balanced. But in China, where homosexuality is still being discriminated in general, using the celebrity power to promote homophobia is completely a major attack on Gay Issue. It also generates a great discussion over Gay Rights on Sina Weibo. In a sense, it may also cast a light on current situation of Chinese Gay community, bringing more attention towards issues like anti-AIDS and anti-discrimination.

What I dont get is, the couple’s accounts on Sina Weibo were both with a Prefix of “Yan yuan” (actor in Chinese), indicating their major role as actor and actress. As “Artists” (as they may consider themselves are) and “Party Members” (Oh yeah, they HAVE to be Atheists), promoting homophobia in a public microblogsphere under the name of GOD LOVE,  would that be something appropriate?

Oh my, that was completely disgusting and stupid.

Last but not the least, would Jesus discriminate?



Gay cat in West Village


Very nicely dressed up for the day!

The Ballons
Marriage Yah!
Very cool.
The guy carrying the Chinese national flag. Dude, you’re not alone.
Theme white dress.
I never know Macy’s could be this cute overload.
Absolutely pride!
And this was my favorite. I’m definitely a google fan. Google rules, I love android!!! Google also added Gay Pride features on their search page. 😀 Well done folks!

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新院的意义 by 喜北肉豆蔻

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新院的意义 改编 by 喜北肉豆蔻

新院里有万种风情 新院盛产许多美女

我品尝了黑暗料理 我踏过下雪的中庭

我还记得最爱新院哪里 我还记得129歌会前三的奇迹
我还记得军训结束那天你情难自已 还记得 红毯上的你

坐上大巴一起旅行 三甲港沙滩上露营

青砖宿舍不分男女 爬上7楼也没电梯

我还记得两次大小实习 我还记得屠图某个位置我最欢喜
我还记得在考试结束狂刷URP 忘不掉 0613的你

你还没忘记最爱新院哪里 我还记得兵哥办公室的烟灰满地
我还记得张志安上课精力特别充沛 还记得 喝挂的狼狈

不会忘记 黄金一代过去三年点滴 都是我 留恋的原因
恋留一生 就是新院的意义

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